Open an IT Company in Italy

Open an IT Company in Italy

Updated on Wednesday 17th January 2018

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Open-an-IT-Company-in-ItalyBased on a recent survey, Italy is the fourth largest market for the information technology industry in Europe. The IT industry is also the fourth most important sector, approximately 100,000 Italian companies operating in the IT area. Also, there are approximately 400,000 employees in the IT sector in Italy.

The number of Italian companies in the IT sector is expected to grow considering the IT innovation incentives the Government is granting to start-ups.

IT services classification in Italy

The company registration procedure is the same as for any other type of Italian company, except the founder must select the correct NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) code when submitting the application form. When applying for company registration with the Italian Trade Register, one must select one of the following NACE codes, depending on the type of service to be provided. In the Section D, IT companies in Italy may select the following activities:

- subsection DL for the manufacture of electrical and optical equipment,
- subsection DL 30 for manufacturing office machinery and computers,
- subsection DL 30.1 for manufacturing office machinery,
- subsection DL 30.2 for manufacturing computers and other information processing equipment.
The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of an IT company in Italy:


For programming activities, one must select Section K, subsection 72 in the NACE codes:

  • - 72.1 for hardware consultancy,
  • - 72.2 for software consultancy and supply,
  • - 72.3 for data processing,
  • - 72.4 for database activities,
  • - 72.5 for maintenance and repair of office, accounting and computing machinery,
  • - 72.6 for other computer related activities.

Our lawyers in Italy will provide you with a full list of the NACE codes.

What are the required documents for registering an IT company in Italy?

In order to register an IT company in Italy, the first step will be drafting the articles of association and depositing the minimum share capital. The articles of association, with the proof of depositing the share capital and copies after the shareholders identification papers, will be submitted with the Trade Register. Once the certificate of incorporation is released, the founders must purchase several corporate and accounting books.

For other information about company and tax registration, please contact our attorneys in Italy.