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Why start a business in Italy

Why Start a Business in Italy

Updated on Tuesday 31st October 2017

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why_start_a_business_in_italy.jpgItaly is an important destination for holidays, but also for investments and the main sectors that attract hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs each year are tourism and real estate. The country was strongly affected by the economic crises, but the reforms announced lately by the Italian authorities create a good impression for foreign investors.

This country offers an attractive business environment and interesting opportunities on the real estate market, where the regulations has recently been changed. Even if the value of the properties is relatively high, the rental sector is profitable and it is increasing every year due to the important number of tourists who come to visit the country.

The tourists are interested in the major cities, with important landmarks, but also in the rural regions that are very picturesque. That means that there are important opportunities on the real estate market also in the rural area. The entrepreneurs who want to invest in the rehabilitation of the old houses are entitled to grants offerd by the Italian government. The prices are higher in the nothern part of Italy and they are decreasing if you go to the southern regions. In the rural areas, you may find houses for rehabilitation below 100,000 euro.

The following video offers a short presentation on why foreign investors should start a business in Italy:

No capital gains tax


Foreign investors are attracted by the tax regulations in Italy because they are not required to pay the capital gains tax or a wealth tax. The real estate market is growing each year as the economy is recovering from the crises.

The country is member of the EU and G8 (the industrialized countries) and that means it is an safe destination for foreign investors. The country has a well trained and skilled labour force and it offers high stardards for living. Italy, despite the economic crisis, it is the 6th economic power in the world and the economy of the country is based on small and medium companies. Italy is well-known all around the world for its luxury goods produced by famous companies.

The Italian market, with 60 million consumers, it is an important destination for foreign entrepreneurs who want to expand their business.

If you are interested in investing in the Italian market, you may contact one of our lawyers in Italy who will offer you information about the opportunities you have in this country and what type of company suits you best. Our Italian attorneys will help you register a company in just a few days and they will offer you legal services for your business in this country.



  • Anne 2015-02-05

    I would definitely like to open a travel agency in Italy. I believe it is a very good sector to invest in. Thanks for this useful article.

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