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Updated on Monday 08th March 2021

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Legal_Services_in_Rome.jpgRome is a city that cannot be ignored -either by tourists or by foreign investors in Italy. A common nickname for the city is "Capital of the World" and, although today this may no longer be the case, Rome still has enormous business opportunities to offer, regardless the number of business investors who choose to set up there. When doing business in Rome, investors should be well aware of the applicable legislation, especially the legislation for foreign investors. The country welcomes all types of businesses and the Province of Rome is a multicultural area, however, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional Italian law firm when starting a business or signing contracts in Italy.
Our team of Italian lawyers is ready to assist you with various legal services in Rome and help you run your business in Italy.

Support for starting a business in Rome

The first step entrepreneurs must make is choose the appropriate business form. This is easy because the Italian registration allows for various business forms, among which the limited liability company, the corporation, the general partnership or the limited partnership. Branches or subsidiaries are also options for investors who want to open a franchise or expand a foreign company in Italy.
After the company is incorporated, it needs to be registered at the Italian Trade Register. Any company in Italy will have to observe the tax regulations applicable in the country. Our Italian experts can help you with tax management in Italy. If you want to establish a new company and want to differentiate it from existing one, you have the option of registering your trademark in Italy. This can be easily accomplished and it is recommended for most companies. 

Company management in Rome

The incorporation procedure is only the first step in the life of an Italian company. Our legal experts can help you with further arrangements, like purchasing the desired property to open the headquarters of your company and, moreover, hire personnel. The employment legislation must be thoroughly observed by all employers in Italy and company directors need to know the basic responsibilities they have towards their employees, regardless of the size of the company. Our Italian lawyers specialize in multiple areas, like business law, intellectual property law, civil law and they can also offer other services like legal consulting, tax planning and optimization and wealth management.

Divorce lawyers in Rome

Couples who want to get a divorce in Italy should ask for legal support offered by a specialist in this field. The entire divorce proceedings can be explained by our Rome lawyers who can represent each spouse throughout the entire process. First of all, the amicable procedure will be suggested, and spouses can agree on assets distribution and child custody if it is the case. Otherwise, if the separation by mutual consent is not a solution, the divorce case will be handled in the court of law by a magistrate. More about the divorce procedure, custody, and child support can be offered by our Rome lawyers.

Legal advice for debt collection in Italy

Recovering debts might be a complex situation at a certain point. The debt recovery procedure can be attentively overseen and managed by our Rome lawyers with experience in this field. The recovery of financial claims can be done through an amicable procedure in the first place, providing specific payment solutions to debtors. In the case there is no chance to implement the presented solutions, the debt recovery procedure can be handled in the court of law. Feel free to talk to our Rome lawyers with experience in debt recovery and see how they can help you.

Real estate due diligence in Italy

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to purchase properties in Italy should ask for the support of a lawyer in Italy and discover the legal procedures implicated. For instance, it is quite recommended to ask for real estate due diligence and protect against possible errors found in a sale-purchase contract. Properties might be subject to hidden litigations, so our Rome lawyers will have to verify the cadastral documents, the property title deed, pre-sale agreement, and more. Foreigners interested in buying properties in Italy can easily get in touch with our Rome lawyers and ask for legal assistance and representation.

We can represent you with a power of attorney

International entrepreneurs can be represented by our Rome lawyers if they want to start a business in Italy, concluding contracts, or have other business activities for which they cannot be present in the country. This is where the power of attorney is helpful from a legal point of view, as our lawyers in Italy can handle a wide range of aspects. There is no need for an entrepreneur to start a business in Italy by visiting the country. The registration procedures of a company have been significantly changed in recent years, so international investors can be represented by our Rome lawyers invested with a power of attorney. Get in touch with us and solicit legal representation.

Support in immigration matters in Italy

Non-EU investors or natural persons can benefit from the legal support offered by our Rome lawyers in matters of visas and other immigration requirements. Obtaining the work and residence permits are required for foreigners in Italy, in order to align with the legal requirements. Foreigners can simply send us their inquiries before the arrival in Italy and let us handle the immigration formalities with the entitled authorities. We have a dedicated team of lawyers in Rome who can manage the entire immigration process.

Choosing our Rome lawyers

Marriage, divorce, child custody, visa matters, corporate law, venture capital transactions, investment services, mergers and acquisitions, business management, tax advice, and company formation in Italy are only a few of the legal areas covered by our experienced lawyers in Rome. Each case is attentively analyzed before proposing a legal solution. We believe in correct and comprehensive communication with our customers who can rely on professionalism, transparency, proficiency, and expertise to achieve the best possible results. We are at the disposal of local and international clients who want to benefit from accurate and immediate legal advice, regardless of the problems occurred. We also help international entrepreneurs start a business in Italy, a country with plenty of opportunities in this field. Here are some facts and figures that highlight the economy and business direction of Italy:
  • Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, and UK are among the main investors of Italy.
  • Nearly USD 446 billion represented the total FDI stock for Italy in 2019.
  • More than 12,000 companies are established with foreign capital in Italy.
  • The manufacturing sector of Italy attracted more than 26% of the total FDI stock for 2018.
  • The wholesale retail, manufacturing, financial and insurance services and real estate are the sectors that absorb most of the FDIs in Italy.
Please contact our law firm in Italy for a personalized offer and more information about investing in Rome.