Legal Services in Milan

Legal Services in Milan

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Legal_services_in_Milan.jpgMilan is the second largest city in Italy and, being a part of the European area with the largest population and industrial density, the city is a popular choice among investors who want to open a company in Italy. Our law firm in Italy offers personalized advice and services for business owners who want to enter the Italian market, irrespective of the business field.
Our lawyers in Italy offer integrated services and they are specialized in a number of key areas, like Civil Law, Commercial Law, Business Law and others. We can help you and your company get started in Italy and develop a strong client base in the country.

Legal assistance in Milan

Our Italian lawyers specialize in helping foreign business owners open companies in Italy. They can help you draw up the incorporation documents, submit them to the relevant Italian authorities and deal with any legal issue that might appear during the registration process.
Some of the legal services we can provide for you and your company in Milan are:
- company formation;
- obtaining special permits and licenses for functioning;
- company mergers in Italy; 
- tax advice and tax planning.
Any investor in Italy will want to know more about the legislation for foreign investments and the business start-up costs in Italy. Our attorneys in Italy can evaluate your business plan and provide comprehensive solutions and information about the expenses that are to be expected and all the legal steps that will need to be accomplished. 

Various solutions for every business need

Our lawyers in Milan can do much more than help you open a company. We can become your trustworthy partners and consultants. Our team of specialists also offers accounting services in Italy and they can help you with company taxation. Moreover, we can help you with legal advice for any litigation matter and offer you alternative solutions, like arbitration.
When living and working in Italy, legal matters can also involve family issues. Our Italian lawyers are also specialized in Family Law and they can assist you if you are filing for divorce or if you are interested in getting married in Italy.
Our legal advisory services always meet the client’s needs and we are ready to provide the best possible solutions for your business. Please contact our law firm in Italy for detailed information and a personalized offer.