Investor Visa in Italy - Updated Guide for 2021

Investor Visa in Italy

Updated on Thursday 01st April 2021

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Foreign businessmen who want to start a company in Italy can obtain an investor visa. Although Italy did not use to have a specific program addressed to investors, following the latest regulations imposed by the local authorities, foreing businessmen can apply for a wide category of visas created for business purposes, as the immigration legislation applicable here was modified at the beginning of 2017. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on the main immigration permits available for foreign investors

How can a foreign investor obtain an investor visa in Italy? 

Most of the foreign businessmen who want to enter the business market in Italy may obtain an investor visa if they are interested in purchasing a property here. Another legal option would refer to performing investments in Italy. In the case of the latter situation, the legal requirement does not stipulate a minimum amount related to that particular investment
However, starting with January 2017, high net worth investors may obtain a designated investor visa for investments of high value. In this situation, there are specific conditions that have to be met. Foreign businessmen may apply for an elective residence visa or a self-employed visa and our team of Italian lawyers can provide in-depth information on these types of documents. 

What types of visas are available for foreign investors in Italy in 2021? 

The new immigration legislation applicable to investor visas states clear conditions available for solid investments in Italy. For example, a businessman should invest at least EUR 2 million in government bonds in Italy for a period of minimum two years in order to qualify for an investor visa. It is important to know that investors may also obtain one of the following visas, provided that they can meet the requirements imposed in each case:
  • Golden Visa Program – this is available for businessmen who can invest at least EUR 1 million into an Italian company, but the same program is also available for those who can invest EUR 500,000 in an innovative start-up business operating here and who can create three new jobs within the company;
  • Res-Nom-Dom Program – this is applicable only to high net worth individuals who are considering relocating their tax residency in Italy which accounts for a EUR 100,000 lump-sum tax on the income deriving from foreign source;
  • Italia Start-up Visa – applicable to investors who want to set up an innovative start-up company which has a total investment of minimum EUR 50,000;
  • Elective Residence Visa – the visa program is opened for any foreigner who want to purchase an Italian property and who is not interested in working on the local market;
  • Intra – Company Transfer and EU Blue Card – applicable to foreign businesses which want to expand on the Italian market through a branch office or a subsidiary by relocating a part of their employees in Italy
The visa application is necessary in the case of foreign investors who are not citizens of the European Union. The document can be issued for a period of two years and then, renewed. If the foreigner will live in Italy for a period of five years, he or she will be allowed to apply for permanent residency
Our team of Italian lawyers can offer further information on this matter and can help with advice on the issuance of the elective residence visa or  assist investors in obtaining a self-employed visa, which will require a certificate issued by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. Our attorneys can offer in-depth information on the above mentioned visa programs
Persons who are looking to relocate to Italy in 2021 can apply for the Italian Elective Residence Visa Program, which is designed for wealthy persons seeking to retire in this country, or who have a pension based income with a high value. It is also addressed to persons who obtain their income from passive income, which means that this program will not be used as a way to employment in Italy. Please be aware that prior to 2021, one had to be outside Italy in order to apply for this visa, but following the Covid-19 pandemics, several exemptions appeared from this rule.
Our law firm in Italy can offer more details on the new legislation for investor visas available here. Please contact our attorneys for legal assistance and for other associated matters related to relocating into this country, such as the documents that are necessary for the application process.