Lawyers in Venice

Lawyers in Venice

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2017

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Lawyers-in-Venice.jpgBoth natural persons and legal entities interested in performing various activities in Venice should become familiar with the Italian legislation. Our lawyers in Venice can offer legal advice on numerous legal aspects related to the commercial legislation, such as the legal procedure for opening a company, the taxation requirements that must be met by the company, the regulations applicable to the employees of an Italian business and many others. At the same time, our team of lawyers in Italy can provide legal representation on other matters concerning natural persons relocating to Venice

Opening a company in Venice, Italy  

When opening a company in Venice, Italy, the investors will need to respect a set of rules regarding the incorporation of the legal entity. Our attorneys in Venice can assist businessmen in all the stages of the procedure, starting with the regulations related to the registration of a trading name
The registration procedure should be performed according to the applicable regulations prescribed by the Italian Commercial Code
Our lawyers can handle the entire procedure through the power of attorney, which can be granted to our attorneys by both local and foreign investors. 

Foreign investments in Venice  

Most of the foreign investors choose to develop investment projects in the large cities of Italy. Venice is an attractive investment destination for numerous industries, such as: tourism, iron and steel, textiles, motor vehicles or clothing. Our law firm in Venice can offer legal advice on the investment legislation applicable to foreign investors. 
At the same time, our lawyers can also provide advice on the investment vehicles available to foreign businessmen. Such vehicles can benefit from several tax exemptions and they can be set up by both retail and professional investors

Taxation in Venice 

Foreigners, both natural persons and legal entities, are liable to the local taxation system if they perform taxable activities in Venice, Italy. Our team of attorneys in Italy can offer assistance on the tax requirements that must be met in each particular case. 
It is important to know that foreigners who are tax residents in countries with which Italy signed a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation can benefit from tax deductions, deriving from such agreements. They can be applied to natural persons and business forms. 
Please contact our law firm in Italy for in-depth advice on a specific legal matter.