Lawyers in Bari

Lawyers in Bari

Updated on Tuesday 14th February 2017

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Lawyers-in-Bari.jpgBari is the second most important city located in the southern Italy, after Naples. Its economy is mainly represented by the agricultural field. At the same time, the local economy is strongly influenced by the small and medium sized companies developing commercial activities in the field of mechanics, textiles and clothing industries.
According to the classification established by the World Bank, Bari ranks on the 6th place amongst the most important Italian cities in terms of starting a business. Investors who are interested in opening a company in Bari can find out more details on the main aspects related to this process from our team of lawyers in Italy

Opening a business in Bari 

When opening a company in Bari, foreign investors should first analyse the business environment available here and the main characteristics of the local market. One of the most representatives aspects related to the incorporation of a business in Italy refers to the legal entity of the company. Our team of lawyers in Bari can offer advice on the business forms available here, but it is important to know that most of the businessmen, both local and foreign, prefer to register a limited liability company


Choosing a branch or a subsidiary in Bari 

Investors can also set up a branch or a subsidiary in Bari, depending on their business plans. A branch is a dependent entity as its management decisions are established by the parent company, which can be situated in Italy or elsewhere. In the case of a subsidiary, the investors will have the opportunity of establishing separate investment plans, which are not influenced by the parent company. Our team of attorneys in Italy can offer more details related to the legal aspects of incorporating these business forms

Tax regulations in Bari  

All companies registered in Bari are required to register for tax purposes. There are a set of corporate taxes to which companies are liable in Bari, Italy, but it is necessary to know that foreign businesses can benefit from the effects of the double taxation treaties signed by the authorities of the state. 
One of the main benefits refers to a set of tax deductions and exemptions, imposed by the provisions of a specific treaty for the avoidance of double taxation
We invite businessmen to address to our law firm in Italy for more details related to the taxation of companies, as well as on the tax minimization procedures available under the local legislation.