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EORI registration in Italy

EORI registration in Italy

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) system was launched in Italy in 2009 at the same time as in all European Union’s member states. According to the European Parliament and Council, the EORI system is an effective way of controlling each company involved in trading activities across Europe, including foreign companies registered outside the EU. The EORI number consists in an unique identification code which will be issued by the Italian Customs Authorities to all companies carrying out intra-Community supplies of goods. In order to provide easy access the EORI registration system is organized at national and at European level. 

How to obtain an EORI number in Italy

All Italian trading companies are required to register and apply for the EORI number before starting their import or export activities. Under the Italian EORI registration system, applicants will be issued an exclusive number which will have a maximum length of 15 characters and will have Italy’s country code (IT) before it. In order to simply the registration procedure, the EORI number resembles the Italian VAT number. EORI numbers will appear on all customs declarations submitted by Italian operators. The same regulations apply to Italian sole traders sending products outside the country or receiving goods from foreign operators.

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Documents required to register for EORI in Italy

The application for EORI registration in Italy must be submitted with the local Customs Agency before or when performing the first cross-border operation. The documents required to obtain an EORI number in Italy are:

  • -          a prescribed application form,
  • -          a passport or other valid identification papers if the applicant is a natural person (the document must be submitted in original).

In the case of Italian or foreign companies, aside from the specific application form the following documents are required:

  • -          a document stating the company’s identification data issued by the Italian Companies Register or the relevant trade register in the company’s resident country (in original),
  • -          the applicant’s passport or valid ID,
  • -          a power of attorney, if the application is submitted by a representative.

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  • Fatih Yazicioglu 2015-01-16

    Hi, I have a shipment coming from Istanbul by DHL. And it is still in custom clearence. The custom has required an EORI number. Is possible for you to help me about this issue. Thanks, Fatih

    Hello Fatih, you can send us your request at and one of our lawyers will anwer you as soons as possible.

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