Lawyers in Palermo

Lawyers in Palermo

Updated on Thursday 16th February 2017

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Lawyers-in-Palermo.pngThe city of Palermo is the administrative capital of Sicily, thus being the main economic driver of the region. With a rich history of approximately 3,000 years, Palermo is mainly represented by the service industries. Commercial and industrial activities are well defined in this city, while most of the legal entities registered here represent medium to large companies. Other top economic fields well developed in Palermo are agriculture and fishery, but also tourism, which increased in the last years. Our team of lawyers in Italy can provide an in-depth presentation on the legal aspects concerning the registration of a company in Palermo

Opening a business in Palermo  

Foreigners who want to open a company in Palermo will need to follow a set of steps, compulsory for all companies registered in Italy, but also to complete specific actions, which can be determined by the characteristics of the respective business. Our team of attorneys in Palermo can assist foreign businessmen with advice on this aspect, and can represent investors in the relation with the Italian institutions, provided that the businessmen have granted the power of attorney to our representatives. 

Obtaining business permits in Palermo  

Depending on the company’s object of activity, the businessmen will need to obtain special permits and licenses, which will attest the right of performing those commercial activities in accordance with the regulations imposed by the Italian authorities


Opening a branch vs. a subsidiary in Palermo  

Foreign businesses can enter the Italian market through a branch or a subsidiary, depending on the company’s investment strategies. The subsidiary is an independent legal entity from the parent company, liable to registration and taxation in Italy in accordance with the requirements established for Italian businesses, while the branch is representing the parent company’s investment strategies. Investors may find out more details from our team of attorneys in Italy
At the same time, it is important to know that our law firm in Palermo is entitled to provide legal advice and representation for any matter concerning the Italian Civil Law, including the legal aspects related to obtaining the permanent residency in Italy, which is also a necessary step for investors who are planning to live in this country. 
We invite natural persons and legal entities to contact our law firm in Italy for more details on the legal system available here.