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Virtual office in Italy

Virtual Office in Italy

Updated on Thursday 05th May 2016

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Virtual-Office-in-Italy.jpgForeign investors who are interested in setting their business operations in Italy, can incorporate the company here by establishing a classical place of business, which will require an office and a business address (these requirements are also established under the incorporation procedure).
However, businessmen should know they are entitled to a less formal way of doing business, which is represented by the virtual office. The virtual office is recommended for investors who are seeking to establish a minimum business contact on the Italian market in a flexible manner. The business can be conducted from abroad and it can employ local or foreign citizens who have the right to work in Italy
The virtual office represents a physical place in which entrepreneurs or their associates can meet face-to-face or, as it is the general case, through modern means of communication. This is the most efficient way in which the company can obtain a business address where the correspondence is received and, at the same time, it represents a cost – efficient type of business, due to the low costs incurred; our team of Italian lawyers can provide more details on this matter. 

Establish a virtual office in Italy 

Investors who want to open a virtual office can receive consultation from our law firm in Italy, which can provide a virtual office equipped according to the needs of the entrepreneurs in Milan or Rome. Our Italian lawyers will also help with the registration procedures; after the Trade Register will issue the documents attesting the incorporation of the company, the businessmen can start his economic activity. 
A virtual office in Milan or Rome will offer all the advantages of having a regular office, but at a lower cost. 

Main services provided when opening an Italian virtual office 

Our team of Italian attorneys can help foreign businessmen to obtain the following services, which are usually available for a virtual office
-   a reputable business address in Rome or Milan;
-   an official business address for the company;
-  the business correspondence and other packages can be received at the office; in accordance to the preferences of the businessmen, the correspondence can be further delivered by e-mail, fax, post etc.;
-   assistance for incoming and outgoing faxes;
-   local phone number;
-  voice mailbox;
 - fax services;
- private phone number;
- call redirecting services;
- collection of bank statements;
-  video conference;
- internet broadband;
-  a meeting room.
Having a virtual office in Italy is more convenient than a traditional office because of the low maintenance costs. According to the business needs of the investors, the virtual office can offer secretarial or receptionist services, IT support and a company sign. 
A virtual office is recommended to the small companies with few business operations,that can be carried out from a remote location. It is suitable for investors who prefer to do business in a more flexible manner. In the situation in which the company has employees, they can also perform their work requirements from a remote location. 


Tax advantages for a virtual office in Italy 

One of the most important aspects of the costs incurred by a virtual office refers to the fact that the company can make substantial savings, as there are no leasing or purchase costs. Since the office already provides the minimum requirements to perform a business activity, the investors will not have to invest in furniture.
If you are interested in opening a virtual office, you may contact our Italian law firm, for assistance in this matter. 


  • Caroline 2015-02-12

    It's good to have all these services available in Italy. A virtual office gives a sense of security while away doing business in other countries.

  • Carlotta 2016-04-27

    I believe this type of business is more suitable for young persons, accustomed with the modern communication means, familiarized with the internet and who are very dynamic. Of course, all types of investors can establish a virtual office, because it provides a set of advantages which the classical type of comapny can't offer.

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