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Start-up costs in Italy

Start-up Costs in Italy

Updated on Wednesday 08th June 2016

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When a foreign investor decides to open a company in Italy, he or she must be aware of the overall cost of this operation, which includes a fixed part - the minimum share capital, the fees for the Italian authorities, bank fees and a variable part - the payments for the lawyer or the specialist in company formation who will help him with the registration procedure.
Firstly, the entrepreneur should choose the type of company he wants to set up in Italy and then to prepare the minimum share capital for the incorporation and the amount necessary for drafting the necessary documentation for the registration. For the articles of association for the new company, the businessman will need the services of a public notary, who will require a certain fee. The entrepreneur will also have to pay for the registration of the new company and for the opening of a bank account; our team of Italian lawyers can assist foreign businessmen with an in-depth presentation of all the costs involved in the incorporation process of a new company


The minimum share capital in Italy 

The minimum share capital in Italy is established in accordance with the legal entity chosen by the investor. 
The entrepreneurs who choose to register a limited liability company will need a minimum share capital of 10,000 EUR and they must deposit a quarter of the amount during the incorporation process. It is important to know that young entrepreneurs can deposit only EUR 1 for the incorporation of their company, as an effect of a local policy which encourages young managers to invest in an Italian business. However, companies with a minimum share capital below EUR 10,000 may face different regulations than the one with a capital above this sum. 
Investors who want to open joint stock companies are required to have a minimum capital share of EUR 50,000 and deposit a quarter of this amount at the incorporation. This type of company can also be registered by a single investor; our team of Italian attorneys can offer more details on the requirements established for the minimum share capital

Other registration costs for Italian companies 

When registering a company in Italy, the investors can expect to incur other costs, referring to the registration with the local authorities. 
Other costs for starting a business in Italy refer to:
-    corporate and accounting books costs;
-    grant tax – paid at the post office;
-    taxes for the registration with the Trade Register;
-    taxes for the registration with the local Chamber of Commerce;
-    payroll taxes etc.
Before opening a company in Italy, the entrepreneurs are advised to contact our Italian law firm, where they can receive a full package of services, referring to company registration services, establishing a virtual office, accounting services and other legal services that may be needed in corporate matters.
In the situation in which the investors are not able to come in Italy for these procedures, they can provide the power of attorney to an appointed person to represent them in their legal actions. 


  • Rajesh 2015-01-20

    Hello, Planning to incorparate a Limited company in Italy.Could you let me know the process?

    Hello Rajesh, you can send us your request at and one of our lawyers will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Marie 2015-02-05

    This article is very helpful, especially since I've heard that the level of bureaucracy is very high in Italy. At least now we know what are the costs required for starting a business in this country.

  • Alexandra 2016-06-07

    The information presented in the article is useful, but I still can't choose the business form which will be best suited for my company, but I suppose that the limited liability company is the best option.

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