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Relocate to Italy

Relocate to Italy

Updated on Wednesday 09th August 2017

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Relocate-to-Italy.jpgThe procedure on relocation to Italy can vary depending on the nationality of the applicant. As a member of the European Union (EU), Italy does not have any visa requirements for the EU citizens. However, there are minimum requirements for validating a citizen’s identity and, in this sense, European citizens must own a valid identity card or a passport. Our team of Italian lawyers can assist foreign citizens with in-depth legal details on the immigration requirements available for those who want to relocate to Italy

Visa exemptions in Italy 

According to the immigration legislation available in Italy, certain nationalities are exempted from obtaining a visa when relocating to this country. As described above, EU citizens benefit from this exemption, but the rule is also applicable for the citizens of the following countries: 
San Marino
Vatican City
The regulation is applicable for a period of 90 days, as further on it will be required to apply for permanent residency in Italy. Our team of lawyers in Italy can provide legal advice on the documents that should be submitted when applying for permanent residency

Permanent residency in Italy  

In the situation in which foreigners will stay on the Italian territory for a period longer than 90 days, it is necessary to apply for permanent residency as, according to the Italian legislation, the person will be considered a resident
The residency permit in Italy was replaced in 2007 with the declaration of presence, a document that can be completed at the police headquarters in the city in which the person is living. The application should be completed eight days after the foreign citizen entered Italy
Depending on the nationality of the applicant, the Italian legislation provides three types of permits
permit to stay, issued for non-EU citizens for the first five years of residency in Italy;
non-EU permanent residence card, issued in the situation in which the foreigners will live in Italy for a period longer than five years;
EU citizens permanent residence card, available for the persons who will stay in Italy for a period longer than three months
Foreigners who are interested in relocating to Italy are invited to contact our Italian law firm for more details on the above mentioned documents. 


  • Carlos 2017-08-09

    I am a Spanish citizen and I would like to move to Italy next year. I suppose that these regulations are also available for my family (my wife is an Irish citizen). Thank you for the information!

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