Open a Merchant Account in Italy

Open a Merchant Account in Italy

Updated on Wednesday 13th September 2017

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Open-a-Merchant-Account-in-Italy.jpgA merchant account in Italy is an alternative manner for the registration of the company’s daily transactions, which offers numerous advantages. It can reduce the time usually associated with paying for a certain product of service, as it does not involve a cash transaction. The merchant account is an attractive solution for both in-store payments, as well as for online businesses. In the latter case, it is necessary to set up a merchant account and an online shopping cart, as this is the only manner in which the customers can pay on the company’s website. There are several types of merchant accounts that may be registered in Italy and our team of Italian lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the most suitable types of accounts, depending on the activities of the company registered here. 

Types of merchant accounts in Italy  

Companies operating in Italy may choose from numerous types of merchant accounts, as follows:
internet merchant account;
retail merchant account;
smartphone credit card processing;
phone or e-mail merchant account;
wireless merchant account;
high risk merchant account
The internet merchant account is addressed to Italian companies which own a website that acts like an online shop. Companies will need to register the merchant account with one of the service providers available here and to verify if the type of account is compatible with the shopping cart. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on the main documents that are requested by service providers accepted in this country. 
The retail merchant account is a solution for companies which are searching for a supplementary manner of increasing their daily in-store transactions. However, regardless of the type of account chosen by the businessmen, it is necessary to know that all the service providers will impose a standard transaction fee that will vary depending on the merchant account suitable for a company. 
In the case of a retail merchant account, the service provider will install a point of sale (POS) device, designed to accept a wide range of credit cards (including international cards). 
One of the main aspects that should be verified by the investors when setting up a merchant account refers to the safety of the transactions, which have to offer secured processing procedures. Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for further information on the registration of an Italian merchant account.