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Obtaining Work Permit in Italy

Obtaining Work Permit in Italy

Updated on Monday 10th August 2015

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Obtaining-Work-Permit-in-ItalyThe Government issues, at the end of every year, a specific number of work permits for foreign citizens of non-EU countries coming to work and live in Italy. The work permits quotas are issued separately for each type of employment category:

Additionally, the Government also issues work permits for non-EU citizens who have completed their studies in Italy. For information about the available work visa quotas, you may ask our lawyers in Italy.

Applying for a work permit in Italy

All foreign citizens of non-EU countries coming to work in Italian companies for more than three months must apply for a work permit with the local authorities in the Italian province they’ll be working in. A foreign citizen may start the application process once he or she has signed an employment contract with an Italian company.

The Italian employer must first submit an application with the foreign employee’s one-stop immigration center once the contract is signed. After the company obtains the necessary clearance to hire a foreign citizen, the employee will apply for the Italian work permit. The diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country will then issue a tax code for the employee. The foreign employee must report to the local police station within eight days from his or her arrival in Italy, where he or she will receive the work permit.

Documents required for obtaining an Italian work visa

When applying for a work permit in Italy, both employee and employer are required to submit certain documents. The foreign employee must send the following:

  • - copy of the passport,
  • - an employment permit questionnaire,
  • - a family or dependent questionnaire, where applicable,
  • - a curriculum vitae,
  • - copies of the marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates, where applicable.

All documents must be translated and legalized by an Italian notary.

The Italian company employing the foreign worker must submit the following documents:

  • - the company’s certificate of incorporation issued by the Italian Companies Register,
  • - a fiscal document of the company,
  • - the employee’s salary statement,
  • - evidence of accommodation in Italy.

For detailed information about hiring foreign personnel, please contact our law firm in Italy.




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