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Obtain Information about Italian Companies

Obtain Information about Italian Companies

Updated on Wednesday 04th October 2017

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information_about_italian_companies.jpgA foreign entrepreneur who is doing business in Italy may need, at some point, information about Italian companies that are his business partners or that are an important business opportunity for mergers or acquisitions. The public information about the Italian companies is to be found at the local Trade Register which is open to public requests. The local Trade Registers in Italy operates at every Chamber of Commerce and they have a regional jurisdiction.

At the Trade Register, you may find details about a certain company – the name, date of incorporation, amendments of the articles of association etc. Every company registered in Italy must present a few details at the local Trade Register, at the incorporation. This information is archived and it can be offered to the people interested and in courts of justice.

Information available

From the Trade Register in Italy, you may find out information about companies, businessmen who act individually, consortia, cooperatives, branches of foreign companies, corporations etc. No matter the size of a company, the details about it are provided by the Italian clerks from the Trade Register. You can find out if a company is in liquidation or insolvency and then act accordingly in order to avoid future problems with debts and legal issues.

The following video provides a short description on how to obtain information on the companies operating in Italy:

If you need a certain information about a company registered in Italy, you may go to the local Chamber of Commerce and ask for it or you may access its website or an official distributor. All the information about Italian companies is kept electronically in the data base of the Trade Registers.

European Business Register

You may also find out the required information about an Italian company from the European Business Register that can be accessed online. For Italy, you should contact the distributor called “InfoCamere”. The information about over six million companies in Italy is managed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

The foreign investors who want to know more about specific Italian companies and need legal or consultancy services may contact our law firm in Italy. Our Italian attorneys will help you find all the information you need in order to close a safe deal with your business partners.


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