Milan Bar Association

Milan Bar Association

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Milan-Bar-AssociationThe bar association is a professional body of lawyers. In Italy, there are two main bar associations: the Milan Bar Association and the Council of Bar Association of Rome. The Milan Bar Association regulates the legal profession in its jurisdiction, is involved in the organization of seminars addressed to both Italian lawyers and citizens and is also trying to build partnerships with other international bar associations.

The development of the Italian judicial system

The Milan Bar Association launched the Innovation Office which is a forum dedicated to judges and lawyers. The Innovation Office’s main role is to promote software applications for citizens and lawyers involved in court procedures in Italy. The Milan Bar Association is known for promoting the use of ICT (information and communication technology) tools between lawyers and judges for simplified court procedures in Italy. In order to help the communication between attorneys and other judicial offices, the Milan Bar Association concluded partnerships with the University of Milan for a better preparation of future lawyers.

The Bar Association in Milan also collaborated with the Tribunal in Milan with respect to the establishment of the Unified Front Office that would simplify mediation procedures by creating an online system through which lawyers can access their cases remotely.

Becoming a lawyer in Milan

The Milan Bar Association also establishes the regulations for becoming a lawyer in Milan and be part of the Bar Association. The Milan Bar Association rules state that any individual wanting to become a lawyer must firstly go through an internship period, according to the Italian legislation within an Italian law firm and to participate in court hearings. The participation in court hearings is essential for being admitted to the examination within the Milan Bar Association.

What are the services provided by the lawyers in the Milan Bar Association?

The lawyers in the Milan Bar Association provide the following services to Italian citizens:

  • - legal consultancy in mediation cases,
  • - mediation as an alternative dispute resolution in divorce cases in Milan,
  • - documents for the continuing formation of Italian lawyers.

For detailed information about the Milan Bar Association, you may also contact our law firm in Italy.