Legal Services in Turin

Legal Services in Turin

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Legal_Services_in_Turin.jpgItaly is one of the most important countries and business destinations in Europe. When doing business in the northern part of the country, many foreign investors turn their attention to Turin, the most important business center in this part of the country and also the capital city of the Piedmont region.
The investment opportunities in Turin include the automotive and the aerospace sectors and the services sector is also well developed. If you want to invest in northern Italy, our Italian attorneys can become your reliable business partners. We can help you with integrated and personalized legal services in Turin.

Company management in Turin

A new business starts with a good business plan. Foreign investors who come to Italy seeking business opportunities are usually aware of the economic situation in the country and the potential for investments in the area they have chosen to open a new company. When investing in Turin, entrepreneurs must firstly choose the type of company they wish to incorporate.
Our attorneys in Turin can help you submit all the necessary documents at the Italian Trade Register.  If you cannot be present in Turin at the time of the incorporation, one of our attorneys can legally represent you through a power of attorney.
Alternatively, if you want to purchase a company in Italy, we can help you obtain information about the desired company. This way you can make sure that the purchase is safe and that the company does not have any history of debts or irregularities. Our law firm in Turin provides complete company verification services.

Other legal services in Turin

Our team of lawyers in Turin can also help you know more about the applicable taxes in Italy and how your company must observe the existing accountancy obligations. Moreover, if you need help managing your Italian assets, we can help you with wealth management services.
Our Italian law firm also offers personalized services for companies operating in other Italian cities, like Rome or Milan.
You can contact us if you want to know more about investing in Italy and the legal services for companies and individuals in Turin.