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Foreign Investments in Italy

Foreign Investments in Italy

Updated on Tuesday 21st June 2016

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Italy is an important destination for foreign investments, being one of the major members of the European Union, located in a strategic position by the Mediterranean Sea, in the south of the continent. This country is well-known throughout the world for its cultural wealth, great food and wonderful sceneries, but also for its foreign investment policies, which are available for many economic fields.
Italy ranks on the 23rd place in the top of the most developed countries in the world and it is among the first 10 states in the world in the top referring to the standards of living and quality of life. Our team of Italian lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the key aspects of the investment policies carried out by the local authorities. 

Incentives for foreign investors in Italy 

Foreign investors are interested to perform business activities in this country, as it has the eighth largest economy in the world. Another reason refers to the financial incentives offered by the Italian authorities. The incentives for those who want to invest in certain regions of the country can have a higher value than the general incentives. The measure is imposed as the local authorities are searching for ways to increase the economic value of less developed areas of the country. For example, where there are higher rates of unemployment, the government will be interested to attract investments, thus creating new jobs.
The most attractive sectors for foreign investments in Italy are:
-    tourism;
-    real estate;
-    restaurants and food industry.
The Italian authorities reformed several years ago the laws regulating the business environment and the foreign investments, which are now harmonized with the European Union’s directives. Due to the measures imposed by the local authorities, the registration of a company in Italy is a much simpler procedure; our team of Italian attorneys can provide assistance on the investment fields which are of interest for the investors. 

Key aspects of the foreign direct investments in Italy 

The level of foreign direct investments in Italy is rather good, taking into account the economic framework available here. Businessmen who want to start a business in Italy should know that the country is the 10th economy (on a worldwide level) in terms of investments, as mentioned by the 2015 World Investment Report. 
After the economic crisis, the Italian authorities have taken measures to increase the foreign investments in this country and to develop many sectors of the economy that have been affected by the crisis.
One of the key aspects of the local economy is that, in 2015, the local government decided to privatize the public railway and post services. At the same time, the telecommunication and energy sectors were liberalized. These new measures can provide new business opportunities to those with activities in the field or related industries. 
The majority of the companies in Italy are small and medium and their main partners for trade are: France, Germany, The United States of America, Switzerland or China.
For more details about the foreign investments and how you can set up a company in this country, you may contact our law firm in Italy.


  • Andreea 2015-02-12

    Italy is, indeed, a great country for foreign investors, especially for its tourism potential.

  • Theo 2016-06-20

    Italy experienced a period of financial crisis, but for a while the situation has changed, as the local government signed many investment projects that will have a positive effect on the local investment market.

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