Creating a Publishing Business in Italy

Creating a Publishing Business in Italy

Updated on Monday 10th August 2015

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Creating-a-Publishing-Business-in-ItalyThe traditional written press in Italy has started to lose terrain to the online press due to the harmonization of the Italian Media Law with the media legislation in Europe. However, the printed press in Italy can be divided into four main categories:

  • - paid national daily newspapers,
  • - paid local and regional newspapers,
  • - free newspapers,
  • - magazines.

Most of the Italian newspapers also have digital versions. In order to be a journalist in Italy, one must pass an exam and obtain a license in order to join the Journalists’ Association (Ordine dei Giornalisti, ODG). Italian publishing companies are also required to verify the journalists’ background before employing them.

The Media Law in Italy

The Italian Constitutional Court enabled Law No. 249/1997 referring to the audiovisual and telecommunications system. The Italian Media Law undergone significant changes during the years and was last amended in 2004. Among the most important changes brought to the Media Law was the creation of the Integrated Communication System (SIC) which included all media categories: the written press, the online press, radio and television. Moreover, the Media Law also contained provisions about advertising and sponsorship in all communication media.

The 1997, Media Law also enabled an independent authority which supervises the communications sector, the AgCom (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni). The AgCom is comprised of a collegial body made up of eight members, a president and two committees. The authority supervises the telecommunications, the electronic and the publishing sectors.

For more information about the Media Law, you may contact our law firm in Italy.

How to set up a publishing company in Italy

The incorporation procedure for a publishing company is mainly the same as for any other type of Italian company. Our Italian lawyers may draft the articles of incorporation and all the other relevant documents to be submitted with the Trade Register in Italy. However, the publishing company’s founder must select the NACE code within the Nomenclature of Economic Activities for establishing a publishing company. The appropriate NACE codes can be found under Section D, subsection DE:

  • - 22 for publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media,
  • - 22.1 for publishing,
  • - 22.11 for publishing books,
  • - 22.12 for publishing newspapers,
  • - 22.13 for publishing journals and periodicals,
  • - 22.15 for other publishing,
  • - 22.2 for printing and other activities related to printing,
  • - 22.21 for printing newspapers,
  • - 22.25 for other activities related to printing.

For complete information related to creating a publishing company and for licensing requirements, you may rely on our lawyers in Italy.