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The Number of Gelato Shops Increased by 5% in the Last Period

Written by: Editor

The-Number-of-Gelato-Shops-Increased-by-5-in-the-Last-Period.jpgItalians love gelato and the estimates show that consumers in Italy eat approximately 100 scoops per year. The industry accounts for a market value of EUR 1,6 billion, while the icecream products made in Italy are considered amongst the best at a global level. Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy in this field must know that the gelato industry is rather iconic for the Italian economy as at the moment, the country is considered the top European producer. Also, the number of gelato shops is increasing (by 5% in 2016, on a year-to-year basis), as the consumer demand is rising. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on the requirements available for this type of activity. 

Italian gelato shops 

The gelato industry is very solid in Italy and it accounts for 36,970 shops, mostly developed as family businesses. Also, the gelato industry is a significant employer for the Italian workforce, as 150,000 persons are employed in this sector (hired in Italy). It is important to know that 100,000 persons are also employed in the gelato field, but they are working abroad

Top regions for gelato businesses in Italy 

The top Italian region for gelato businesses is represented by Lombardy, which accounts for 6,093 shops. The following two regions are:
Veneto (3,512 shops);
Emilia Romagna (3,273 shops). 
A significant increase of the gelato companies was also observed in the following regions: 
Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in this field are advised to receive assistance from our team of Italian lawyers, who can offer in-depth advice on the field, depending on the regions in which the company will be set up. 

Gelato consumption in Italy 

The top consumer markets in Italy are concentrated in specific areas of the country. Northern Italy stands out as the top consumer market, accounting for 52% of the overall gelato consumption (companies located here sell their products throughout the year). 
Southern Italy represents the second most important consumption market for seasonal sales (during summer), accounting for 29,4%, while the third market is the Central Italy (17,6%). 
Please address to our law firm in Italy for further information on the Italian regulations available for companies that provide foodstuff products.  


  • Annabell 2017-10-04

    This is one tasty type of business. I know that there is also an external demand for home-made Italian gelato, so I believe that there are numerous advantages for this business activity.

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