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Retail Sales in Italy Increased by 1.2% in October 2016

Written by: Bridgewest

Retail-Sales-in-Italy-Increased-by-1.2-in-October-2016.jpgThe retail industry experienced positive results at the level of October 2016, as the sales registered in this field increased by 1.2%. The month of October marks a positive trend for the retail sales, as in the previous three months the field did not registered very good results. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Italy should know that the development related to the retail sales represented the highest increase recorded in the last two years. Our team of lawyers in Italy can provide more information on the regulations related to the retail industry


Retail industry in Italy in 2016 

In 2016, the retail industry experienced a growth in the overall consumption, but the results were rather modest, as the month of October was the first one which provided significant benefits for this field. 
Regarding the general profile of the Italian consumers, it is important to know that they are interested in purchasing high quality products. This is applicable to both foodstuff products, as well as to non-food products. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Italy which provides foodstuff should know that there is a growing trend for locally grown products
Another important aspect of the local retailing industry is represented by the in-store services provided by the retailers and, at the moment, major retailers are focusing their attention on this matter. 
However, the retailing industry gained a lot of confidence amongst the consumers in the online environment, and this field is expected to further grow. Our team of attorneys in Italy can offer more details on the regulations related to the online environment. 


E-commerce in Italy  

At the level of 2016, the level of e-commerce registered an important increase in terms of mobile transactions. Compared to the situation of 2015, online purchases performed through a mobile phone increased by 51%. 
Overall, mobile transactions represent a share of 15% of all the online purchases performed in this country.  
Our law firm in Italy can provide more information on how to invest in the retail industry


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