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Italian Trade Agency to be Opened Soon in UAE

Written by: Bridgewest

Italian-Trade-Agency-to-be-Opened-Soon-in-UAE.jpgThe Italian Trade Agency will soon have a branch office in United Arab Emirates (UAE), set up in order to promote the business relations between the two states. The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has as main objective the development of the Italian companies on the international market. Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy can benefit from the effects of the agreement established by the two countries. Those who need further details on the business opportunities that can arise from this new partnership can address to our team of Italian lawyers for assistance. 

ITA’s main business objectives 

ITA has also established a Foreign Direct Investment Unit, which is useful for foreign businessmen who want to set up a company in Italy. The office that will soon be opened in UAE will operate in Dubai and it will also address the business relations for Pakistan and Oman
Amongst the roles ITA has, we mention the following: 
participation in local fairs and exhibitions;
identification of future business partners;
trade meetings between Italian businessmen and foreign companies. 
ITA will also set up a foreign direct investment office in Dubai, which will be a useful tool for the local businessmen who are seeking to invest in Italy
Foreign investors who need further details on how to invest on the Italian market can find out more details on the legal aspect from our team of lawyers in Italy


Trading relations between Italy and UAE  

The office will be opened in UAE as a consequence of the good trading relations established between the two states. Italy represents the third largest European partner for UAE
In terms of exports, it is important to know that, at the level of 2015, the Italian companies exported to UAE various products which generated the highest value ever recorded, representing an increase of 16,4% compared to the situation of 2014. 
The increase has also been observed in the exports performed by the UAE in Italy, which increased by 35,5%. 
Italy exported the following products to UAE
precious metals;
oil products. 
Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for more details referring to the incorporation of a company in this country. 


  • Denise 2016-11-03

    I strongly believe that this new partnership will have positive effects on the Italian economy, taking into consideration that the relations between the two states are already very solid.

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