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Italian Investment Opportunities in Iran and Vietnam

Written by: Editor

The Italian representatives have recently met with their counterparts in Iran and Vietnam, to further increase the level of investments in these countries. Italy is interested in expanding its activity on the Iranian market, while in the case of Vietnam, the parties consider that investments should be increased in the fields of tourism and aviation. Our team of lawyers in Italy can advise on the regulations concerning the investment activities applicable here. 

Italy – Vietnam investments  

The representatives of Italy and Vietnam established to increase the relations on trade cooperation, especially on matters related to tourism. In this sense, the parties are interested in opening more direct flights between Italy and Vietnam
Companies operating in these countries can benefit from the investments that will be developed by Vietnam and Italy, which are focused on the following fields of activity:
green technology;
machine manufacturing
More importantly, the officials in Vietnam have expressed their support for Italian companies that wish to invest in this country, in economic activities such as: 
mechanical manufacturing;
textiles and garments;
The parties have also declared their interest in promoting the 2017-2018 action plan established under the Strategic Partnership, and our team of Italian lawyers can provide more details on the provisions stipulated in this sense. 
The economic cooperation between the two countries could further increase, once the European Union – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will be ratified. 

Italy – Iran investments  

Other trading relations will be established by Italy in Iran, a country with which business partnerships can be set up in economic sectors such as banking and finance
Italy can benefit from relevant economic prospects in other Iranian economic sectors, such as the maritime transportationIran represents the second top economy in the Middle East, with a gross domestic product of $412 billion at the level of 2016. 
Businessmen interested in this subject can contact our law firm in Italy for legal assistance on the trading agreements established with Iran and Vietnam. Our attorneys can also advise on other agreements signed in Italy.  


  • Abby 2017-12-14

    Vietnam represents an exotic destination for Italian and other EU citizens, so increasing the number of directs flights to Vietnam can lead to higher number of visitors (for both countries).

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