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Green Technology, Implemented by Over 355,000 Italian Companies

Written by: Editor

A recent study – Green Italy 2017 - revealed that the Italian companies have become more interested in investing in green technology. At the moment, more than 355.000 companies in Italy have already implemented green technologies, in the attempt to reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities. This takes into account saving energy and reducing the overall emmissions of greenhouse gases. Our team of lawyers in Italy can advise businessmen operating in this country on the legislation related to this subject. 

Positive effects of the green technology in Italy 

Implementing green technology in an Italian company can have benefits for both the respective business and the local economy. For example, the manufacturing sector in Italy reported an increase in the companies’ competitiveness and level of exports, as well as on their turnover and employment levels
At the moment, 33.8% of the Italian companies operating in the manufacturing sectors have implemented green technologies. Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy should also take into consideration that the usage of green technology led to a rise in the level of employment, accounting for 2.9 million green jobs. This rate represents 13.1% of the total employment market in Italy
Green technology had a positive effect on the corporate wealth, increasing the level of investments in the field of research and development. In terms of exports, such companies reported an increase of 49%, compared to the companies that did not invest in green technologies (which reported an increase of only 33% in their exports). Our team of Italian lawyers can advise on the rules of law regulating export activities

Top Italian regions for green investments 

Companies across Italy invest in green technologies, but certain regions are very well represented on this matter. The top region with the highest number of green companies is Lombardy, with 63,170 companies. 
The other top regions are:
Veneto (35,370 companies);
Lazio (30,020);
Emilia Romagna (29,480);
Tuscany (29,340). 
As a general rule, the Northern Italy is the most developed region, but an increasing number of businesses located in the Southern Italy have also started to invest in green technologies
Italy represents the second top market for green investments at a European level, as revealed by the Eurostat data
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for legal assistance on this matter.  


  • Derek 2018-01-15

    I had no idea that Italy is one of the main economies for green technology. This is a very good information related to the business environment in Italy!

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