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Employment in Italy, Back at the Values Before 2008 Recession

Written by: Editor

Employment-in-Italy-Back-at-the-Values-Before-2008-Recession.jpgThe employment in Italy has reached the previous level registered prior to the 2008 recession that hit several European economies. At the moment, the employment market in Italy accounts for 23 million employed persons, which represent a record for the Italian workforce. Following the employment reform that was enacted by the Italian government in 2014, the employment market was able to create approximately one million jobs. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer more details on the applicable regulations available  on this matter. 

Increasing employment level in Italy 

According to the data provided by ISTAT (the Italian Statistics Institute), 918,000 jobs were created since February 2014, while the overall number of employed persons in Italy reached 23 million in July 2017, which represents the highest value since 2008
More exactly, in July 2017, the total employment market accounted for 23,063 million persons. This value is now close to the one registered in October 2008, prior to the recession, when the Italian workforce accounted for 23,081 million
The level of employment increased steadily between June and July 2017, by 59,000 new employment contracts (an increase of 0,3%), while the highest rate was observed in the following month, when the market increased by 1,3% (accounting for 294,000 persons). Although the employment in Italy is on a positive trend, the youth unemployment increased at a small pace. Our team of Italian lawyers can offer further assistance on the regulations available for companies interested in employment in this country. 

Top employment sectors in Italy 

Local and foreign businessmen interested in setting up a company in Italy may start a business in one of the top economic sectors available in this country. 
At the level of 2015, the top employers in Italy were represented by the follwing sectors:
services (69,65% of the entire employment market);
industry (26,6%);
agriculture (3,75%).
Between 2005 and 2015, the level of employment in the service sector increased gradually from 65,12% (in 2005) to 69,65% (at the level of 2015). 
Persons interested in further information on the Italian employment are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for assistance on this topic.  


  • Carrie 2017-09-21

    This is a very positive aspect, as I know that Italy struggled for a while to revive the employment level.

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