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Car Sales in Italy Expected to Grow by 11% in 2017

Written by: Bridgewest

Car-Sales-in-Italy-Expected-to-Grow-by-11-in-2017.jpgAn important Italian industry which is expected to grow in 2017 is the automotive sector. By the end of 2016, the car industry in Italy will reach to 1.8 million sold vehicles, while for 2017, the projections are showing that the car sales can increase up to 11% compared to the situation of 2016, reaching more than 2,000,000 vehicles. Businessmen who are interested in setting up a company in this field are required to obtain a set of designated special permits and licenses and our team of lawyers in Italy can assist with legal advice related to this subject. 

Car production in Italy 

The car production in Italy is an industry which recovered very well after the financial crisis that affected other countries as well. The market will develop in 2017 and the estimates for 2018 are also showing an increase of 5.9%.  
Italian manufacturers are interested in providing vehicles which satisfy the regulations related to pollution and safety measures. This has been noticed by the local consumers, who are interested in purchasing new vehicles through various methods, including consumer credit. 
In this sense, foreign investors can have many business opportunities if they want to invest on the Italian market
Those who are interested in the legislation applicable to car companies in this country can address to our team of attorneys in Italy for more details. 

The Italian automotive industry in November 2016 

At the level of November 2016, the automotive market increased by 8.2%. The increase represented sales in amount of 145,835 units. An important aspect related to the Italian market is that the local consumers are interested in purchasing cars and the industry showed modest results even during the crisis period, when the increase was of 0.7%.
Related to this subject, we mention that the Italian consumers prefer to use private cars, while the public transportation in Italy is declining. 
Businessmen interested in finding out more details related to the Italian car sales and how to access the local market are invited to contact our law firm in Italy


  • Dane 2016-12-06

    The automotive market had to revive soon and the numbers presented in the article are showing very good aspects of this market.

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