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The Number of Gelato Shops Increased by 5% in the Last Period


Italians love gelato and the estimates show that consumers in Italy eat approximately 100 scoops per year. The industry accounts for a market value of EUR 1,6 billion, while the icecream products made in Italy are considered amongst the best at a global level. Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy in this field must know that the gelato industry is rather iconic for the Italian economy as at the moment the country is considered the top European producer. Also, the number of gelato shops is increasing (by 5%), as the consumer demand is rising. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on the requirements available for this type of activity. 

Employment in Italy, Back at the Values Before 2008 Recession


The employment in Italy has reached the previous level registered prior to the 2008 recession that hit several European economies. At the moment, the employment market in Italy accounts for 23 million employed persons, which represent a record for the Italian workforce. Following the employment reform that was enacted by the Italian government in 2014, the employment market was able to create approximately one million jobsOur team of lawyers in Italy can offer more details on the applicable regulations available  on this matter. 

The Revenues From Online Gaming Increased by 25%


A study conducted by the Milan Polytechnic University revealed that the revenues of the Italian online gaming industry increased by 25% in 2016. The increase was also observed for the traditional gaming industry, for services provided by the Italian casinos and lotteries. At the level of 2016, the online gaming industry registered gross domestic revenues in amount of EUR 1,03 billion, which represented an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. In order to set up a company in Italy operating in this field, the investors will need to obtain various documents available for gaming companies, following the regulations provided by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM)Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer more details on the applicable regulations. 

Top Economic Sectors in Italy


Italy is represented by specific industries, one of the top sectors being the manufacturing industry. The country is well known for its high-quality manufacturing products, mainly deriving from medium sized companies incorporated in this country. Investors who want to establish a company in Italy may set their operations in any part of the country and our team of Italian lawyers can assist in this procedure, but is it necessary to mention that the northern part of Italy is characterized by the presence of private companies operating in the industrial sector, while the southern part is less developed, agricultural activities being the top industry of the region. 

A New Fund Worth EUR 1 Billion for Foreign Investors


Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in Italy can now benefit from the advantages provided by a new Italian fund, established with the purpose of providing financial assistance for the development of the business environment. The new fund has a total worth of EUR 1 billion and it is provided by well reputed entities. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on how to benefit from the financial services provided by the new fund

Bank of Italy: The Local Economy to Grow by 1.4% in 2017


The Bank of Italy estimated that the local economy will grow in 2017 above the projections set out for this year. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in Italy can have positive propects here, as the Italian economy will increase this year by 1.4%, compared to the initial projections of 0.9%. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer in-depth assistance on the main regulations available for foreign entrepreneurs. 

Rewarding Scheme for Highly-Qualified Workers

Foreign individuals who have the status of highly-qualified workers and who search for employment in Italy can benefit from new incentives which were implemented by the Italian government. The measures provide tax deductions from the tax regime applicable to the Italian employeesOur team of Italian lawyers can offer legal assistance on the benefits deriving from this. 

Italian Patent Box Package


The regulations referring to the taxation of the intellectual property rights in Italy was modified in 2015, when the local authorities implemented the Italian Patent Box package, a regime which provides advantageous tax reductions for the legal entities using intellectual property assets. The tax deductions are applicable to multiple types of taxes, provided that companies meet a set of criteria. Our team of lawyers in Italy can offer in-depth advice on the main benefits of the Italian Patent Box regime

Retail Sales in Italy Increased by 1.2% in October 2016


The retail industry experienced positive results at the level of October 2016, as the sales registered in this field increased by 1.2%. The month of October marks a positive trend for the retail sales, as in the previous three months the field did not registered very good results. Businessmen who are interested in opening a company in Italy should know that the development related to the retail sales represented the highest increase recorded in the last two years. Our team of lawyers in Italy can provide more information on the regulations related to the retail industry. 

The World's Oldest Bank, Rescued by the Italian State


The world’s oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi din Siena (BMPS), was rescued by the Italian authorities through a state-funded operation. The local authorities have approved the rescue plan, which will have positive effects on the businessmen who have invested their financial assets in this entity. The overall value of the financial assistance provided to the BMPS is established at EUR 20 billion. Businessmen interested in investing in Italy can find out more details on the legal aspects from our team of lawyers in Italy. 

Car Sales in Italy Expected to Grow by 11% in 2017


An important Italian industry which is expected to grow in 2017 is the automotive sector. By the end of 2016, the car industry in Italy will reach to 1.8 million sold vehicles, while for 2017, the projections are showing that the car sales can increase up to 11% compared to the situation of 2016, reaching more than 2,000,000 vehicles. Businessmen who are interested in setting up a company in this field are required to obtain a set of designated special permits and licenses and our team of lawyers in Italy can assist with legal advice related to this subject. 

Italian Trade Agency to be Opened Soon in UAE


The Italian Trade Agency will soon have a branch office in United Arab Emirates (UAE), set up in order to promote the business relations between the two states. The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has as main objective the development of the Italian companies on the international market. Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy can benefit from the effects of the agreement established by the two countries. Those who need further details on the business opportunities that can arise from this new partnership can address to our team of Italian lawyers for assistance. 

Legal assistance for business crimes committed in UK


Entrepreneurs who perform business activities in many countries find themselves sometimes in the situation of being accused of different crimes and they need good lawyers to defend them until the case is clarified. 

Positive Economic Prospects for the Italian Market in 2016

The Italian business environment had met several issues throughout the years, as an effect of the economic crisis which struck the European market a decade ago. Since then, the economies of the world have tried to find new ways to establish economic stability, an aspect which is also applicable to the Italian market. However, since 2015, the Italian authorities presented many positive information referring to the economy of the state. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in Italy are advised to proceed to this action, as the economic perspectives are improved. Our team of Italian lawyers can offer assistance on the incorporation process

Italy, One of The Main Foreign Investors in Romania


Italian businessmen have numerous business opportunities in Romania, as the trading relations between the two states are strong. One of the main arguments in this sense refers to the to the fact that, according to the data presented by the Romanian National Institute of Statistics, the trade between the two countries had at a total value of EUR 13,64 billion in 2015, which represents an increase of 8,55% compared to the situation of 2014. Our team of Italian lawyers can provide legal assistance on the ways in which a company can be incorporated in Romania. 

EUR 6 Billion to be Granted for Improving the Internet Infrastructure in Italy


The internet infrastructure will soon be developed in Italy, as an effect of a measure taken by the local government. Investors interested to set their business operations in Italy are advised to invest on the Italian market. However, other types of businesses can benefit from the positive effects (one of them is referring to the internet speed, which can sustain more commercial operations) of the measure. Our team of Italian lawyers can assist foreign investors with an extensive presentation on the Italian internet infrastructure. 

How you can obtain a compensation after a personal injury


The persons who were victims of different types of accidents, medical malpractice, defective products etc. are entitled to financial compensations for their pain and financial losses, if there is a natural person or legal entity that is at fault for the accident or case.

Italian Wine, Record Sales of EUR 5,4 Billion in 2015


Italy is recognized at an international level for its high quality wines. At the same time, the country is one of the most important economies in this field and it is customarily to see the state in the top positions related to wine exports. 2015 brought a further development in the industry, as the export sales hit a record value of EUR 5,4 billion, increasing with more than 5% its value, compared to the results of 2014. Foreign investors interested in the wine industry are advised to set their operations here and our team of Italian lawyers can offer more details on the characteristics of this market. 

New Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Italy and Singapore


Singapore can serve as an entrance to the Asia-Pacific region for Italian industries and Italy offers many business opportunities for Singapore entrepreneurs to discover. Singapore is already the largest export destination for Italy in south-east Asia, with more than 500 Italian corporations operating there, including brands like Prada, Ferrero and Ferragamo. Bilateral trade and investment will receive a further improvement when the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be approved, as Singapore President, Tony Tan Keng Yam recently confirmed.

The Italian Real Estate Sector Attracts Foreign Investors

Many financial specialists presently advise that real estate market in Italy is getting back on the right path. In reality, statistics revealed that Italy had one of the main European primary surplus with 1.7% of GDP, the highest rate of progress in commercial surplus in 2014 (+47%) in the EU and an important growth of mortgages and loans


Youth's Unemployment Rate is at the Lowest Level since 2012

Foreign entrepreneurs have now again the opportunity to open or reopen a business in Italy and that is possible because there are great news regarding the employment in the country. The Statistics Institute in Italy announced that the unemployment rate fell to 11.4 percent in March 2016.

Proper Reforms Attract Foreign Investors to Italy

In the first months of 2016, economic specialists observed an improvement regarding the labour market and new opportunities of investments that a few years back were not available or taken into consideration.

Historic Properties, Available for Rent in Italy

Italy recently announced an important decision, related to its real estate properties. Foreign and local investors should know that the Italian authorities have decided to rent specific historic buildings, for a determined period of time. It is important to know that those who are interested in the real estate market in Italy can consult the online platform created by the State Property Agency, established with the purpose of a more transparent environment in this sense.  Our team of Italian lawyers can assist foreigners who want to receive more details about the new legislative measure. 

What Are the Italian "Smartest" Cities?


Several cities in Italy have recently been mentioned as being the “smart” settlements, on a scale measuring more than 470 indicators. The study was presented in the “Smart City Index”, a report analyzing the variety of services provided for better living conditions in those particular places. Our team of attorneys in Italy can provide assistance on the most representative factors which determine the quality of live and services available here. 

Investment Opportunities Between Italy and Vietnam


Italy recently recovered after a long period of economic issues. The economic improvement can be seen in a decrease of the unemployment rate, but also on the trading relations established between Italy and other countries. There is a trend in this sense, and recently, companies with activities in Italy declared that they are interested in expanding their operations in Vietnam, where there are several business opportunities favorable to Italian investors. Entrepreneurs interested in receiving more details on this matter can address to our team of Italian lawyers for more information.